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Why Teach Children To Meditate?

We all want happy, healthy lives for our children but in todays high-tech, fast paced world it’s pretty easy for our children to become over-stimulated, overwhelmed and disconnected to their natural world. As a result there are increasing reports of high levels of anxiety and mental health problems amongst children as young as primary school age. Living in this world today our children need tools to become more mindful and better able to cope with the increasing pressures of modern living.

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Why Vedic Meditation is Perfect for Mothers

Imagine feeling like a patient, calm, relaxed mother unfazed by sibling fights, sleep deprivation, endless multi-tasking and constant demands – where clarity and vitality are the norm? As many mothers are discovering, Vedic Meditation is an amazing tool which helps us do just that. Over three years ago I found myself as a newly single mother with three very young children (5 years, 3 years and 15 months at the time).

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