My greatest undoing, my brightest adventure—all five senses sparking to the music—sweeter than ever before. The sun—a fragrance like dandelion, the stars—like fire, the sand—like clouds, and the wine—like sweet solace. Eyes walking asleep, and my mind: a slow song with an unexpected crescendo.

Nothing can prepare one for such times as this. Let yourself undo, the sooner the sweeter—Motherhood.
— Tess Guinery. The Apricot Memoirs

Motherhood is wild.

An exhilarating vortex that rips you through seas of chaos then immense joy, sometimes both at once. It takes you to heights you never thought possible and it gets you lost; often. It challenges every part of you, it can make your sense of self harder to put together than a puzzle in the wind. … But ultimately this vortex will stop spinning in all its ferocity, you’ll be out on the other side and there will be you.

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Did I play enough? Was I present enough? Who am I?

At Space to Flow, we are Mothers. Mothers who specialise in meditation, mindfulness, physiotherapy, pilates, restorative yoga, integrative medicine, naturopathic and nutritional medicine with a mission to guide mothers in their own homecoming right here, right now in the midst of the beautiful chaos that motherhood brings.



Creating Space to Flow

With our expertise, we offer the space, tools and guidance to help mothers centre and surrender; to bring them out of overwhelm and depletion and into one of balance and replenishment. We want to displace the all too familiar feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm and create a new norm of vitality, patience, presence and playfulness.

Most of all we want Mothers to experience the simplicity and joy of Motherhood when they create the SPACE TO FLOW.


Discover Meditation with Natalie

Vedic meditation is a powerful yet simple mental technique. It is perfect for the demands of our busy modern lives as it de-excites our nervous system and enables us to achieve a deep state of rest.


Discover Naturopathy with Olivia

Through the use of herbal remedies, flower essences, nutritional medicine, food and lifestyle coaching, naturopathy seeks to ignite the self-healing processes within the body.


Discover Functional Medicine with Camilla

Functional Medicine views us all as being different, genetically and biochemically unique. This personalised health care, treats the individual, not the disease.


Want to create some calm amongst the chaos right now?

Take a break and download our three simple techniques to begin to reduce overwhelm immediately ... plus a bonus meditation you can do with your children to help them relax.

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